Bucqle is the modern replacement of your belt! 

Like it was yesterday, we remember the days sitting together around the kitchen table with a cold six-pack Heineken and a soldering iron. These days we created the first prototypes of the solution that was going to change the world.

Men and women around the world increasingly do not like wearing a belt while they keep needing a tool for their imperfectly fitting clothes. Bucqle is a tiny, hardly visible and neat solution. The brand stands for premium design, user simplicity and understated fit comfort, while caring about our planet earth.

Now, over 18 months later, we can look back at a time meeting the most impressive people of the industry, applying for our first patent and travelling to China to look people in the eyes before trusting them with the actual production of Bucqle.

Daan’s expertise in branding and marketing skills, combined with Jasper’s technical knowledge and experience in the supply chain, results in Bucqle standing out both visually and functionally.

Bye bye belt, hello Bucqle!