Matt Black

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MATT LINE is Bucqle's premium collection. A shadow look of which surfaces have been treated by a matte physical vapor deposition, resistant to liquids and acids, made for the elite.                                       _______________________________________

Bucqle is an accessory to tighten the waistband of pants and skirts to the perfect fit for each person. By neatly folding rather than bulking the fabric, Bucqle is the modern replacement of the belt. Our product stands for premium design, user simplicity and understated fit comfort.

  • Material: Steelinox (used by Rolex until 2003)
  • Size: 47 x 44 x 9 mm (half a credit card) 

  • Weight: 59 grams

  • Range: 0-50 mm (infinitely adjustable)
  • Estimated delivery December 2020
  • Free shipping worldwide

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